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Part Code explanation:

All part codes used on this website are a reflection of theextrusion’s profile. For example…

Part code AN402016M is an Angle, 40mm x 20mm by 1.6mm thickin a Mil finish.

Part code CH202030A is a Channel (U shaped), 20mm x 20mm x3mm thick in an Anodised finish.

Part code FB10030B is a Flat Bar, 100mm wide x 3mm thick ina Black powdercoated finish


Part Code Key:

First two characters of a part code refers to theextrusion type:

AN = Angle

CH = Channel

FB = Flat Bar

TB = Tube (Round hollow)

TE = Tee Section

IB = I Beam

SH = Square Hollow Section

RH = Rectangular Hollow Section

QB = Qubelok (25mm Square Hollow Section)

RB = Round Bar (solid)


SB = Square Bar (solid)


TP = Tread Plate (Checker Plate)


SP = Sheet Plate (Plain Sheet)

KW = Knotwood





Last character of part code refers to the colour:

M = Mil Finish (raw aluminium)

MR = Mil Finish with Radius Edge

A = Clear Anodised


W = White


B = Black


MO = Monument


IS = Ironstone


WG = Woodland Grey

P = Primrose


SM = Surfmist


APO = APO Grey



Use the above codes in combination with a dimension toretrieve particular products


AN 20 (will return all angles and everything that has a dimensionof 20)